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We have loaner collimators available FREE with repair.

BMX-RAY is the leader in Siemens Medical Imaging Collimator Repair. We have a lightning fast repair process which enables us to repair your defective collimator in one day.

Siemens Automatic and Manual Collimators are used in several manufacturer’s radiology suites including GE, Toshiba, Swissray, and Picker. BMX-RAY is very capable of repairing these devices to component level. Component level repair of collimators is impractical and nearly impossible in the field. Our collimators are tested on fully functioning Multix TOP and Uroskop Access systems and adjusted to Siemens specifications. We make certain that all the onsite BMET needs to do is install the collimator and test it. We make the process of collimator replacement as easy and time saving as possible. If there are any problems with the collimator, we will send you a warranty replacement or if you have a loaner, you can send the collimator back in for us to reevaluate it.