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The Monoplane Foot Switch unit consists of a brake release switch, brake release switch label, Fluoro pedal, record pedal, cable with post Everest connector. Post Everest connectors has two ends, one is connected with foot switch and other with the TPD unit. Press the Fluoro to activate the Fluoro Loop Acquire. When Fluoro is started, the images are stored to the image RAM. Depending on the system configuration, a maximum of 128 images (4 secs at 30 frames per second) or a maximum of 256 images (8 secs at 30 frames per second) are stored. By pressing the pedal again this loop will be overwritten if not saved to hard disk. When it is stopped, the acquired loop will automatically begin playback in order to review the loop. The record pedal also has a variant function. This unit is fixed in a main frame by means of fasteners. This part is widely used in XF Precision 500D, XV Innova 3100, XF Legacy, CT LightSpeed 7.X VCT 64-Slice, XR Definium 8000, XV Advantx LCA, XR Discovery XR650, XV Innova 3100, XF Legacy, XV Innova 4100, XV INNOVA IGS 540 and many other machines.

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